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Needle infection occurred more frequently, Topiramate frequently it was changed (Table 4). But in some patients, the needle turned out to be infected after the first injection.

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A completely new, previously unseen side effect of insulin therapy, induced by new technologies for the production of insulin preparations, has become mass insulinophobia - the fear of treatment with certain insulin preparations, common among the general population.

Young boy with brown hair holding a blue block smiles during therapy session
Female speech therapist providing speech therapy to a young girl
African American mom wearing soft tan sweater feeding her baby a bottle of milk
Little boy with cerebral palsy doing exercises with green ball
Serious diligent young boy putting ball over head while stretching muscles
Mom wearing a pink dress sitting with son and daughter while speaking with a therapist
lactation consultant holds up empty plastic breast pump in front of an out of focus client and infant

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With a local lesion, the symptoms are characterized only in the area of topamax drug.